Our genealogy services

Ancestry charts

A standard ancestry chart comprises five generations as fully as possible. To facilitate the research please define a starting person whose birth took place for more than 100 years ago. This is important for the present strict privacy laws inside the European Union. 

The basic price is USD $250 or 220 euros. If some ancestors are missing after 5 hours work, you may negotiate a further search.

Large choice of chart layouts

You may wish to have a neat handmade tree, a printed chart or an Internet presentation in various forms. We do our best to serve you.

Descendant tables

Compiling a book of the descendants of a starting couple in the past is fascinating. Now when you can get your dna tested by commercial companies and automatically find thousands of distant cousins, document based traditional genealogy is even more necessary to place your relatives in a family tree and to find flesh on the bones on each individual, not only genetic codes. We can give you advice on how to order tests, but we cannot interpret the results on you behalf.

Guidance for beginners and those new to Finland

We can help you to break the brickwall that often exists when crossing the Pond. Once you know the basics, you may continue on the Internet yourself if you wish and have a lot of time!